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A building inspection from the qualified and reliable team at CheckHome will provide you with the assurance you need when purchasing your new home. CheckHome offers a number of services that could potentially save you thousands of $$$ by highlighting undisclosed areas of concern that aren’t obvious to the average homebuyer. Do not leave something as important as buying a new home up to chance; make a booking with the dedicated CheckHome team to get your house inspected today.

Are you aware of all of the potentially costly maintenance you may need in your current home? For example, the roof of your house, if not maintained properly can (and will) cause damage to your home’s structure. The cost of this to fix will grow the longer it is left unrepaired. To avoid spending an unnecessary amount of money on maintaining your home make a booking to get your house inspected with CheckHome.

Whether you are buying or selling a property, a building inspection can potentially save you time and money by identifying issues before they can become costly repairs.

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Getting a builder’s report

Purchasing a dream home is a huge step in one’s life. All the hard work that you’ve ever done to earn money is finally paying off when you purchase a place that you can call your home. The feeling of self satisfaction and the sense of belonging are unique and special, and the purchase of a home is a memory to be cherished forever. After all, your home is where all the important memories get created. It symbolizes a lot, including representing the fruit of your life’s hard work and success.

Know what you are getting yourself into

Since purchasing of a property is not a matter of small importance, citizens of Wellington should ensure that they are fully aware of exactly what they are purchasing before buying. The cost is high, the stakes even higher, and this is not a decision to be taken lightly, as the consequences may be severe. You don’t want to end up regretting your decision for the rest of your life. This is why certified professional property inspectors can be hired to conduct a thorough pre-purchase inspection of a property that you wish to acquire. Based on their findings, they create a builders report to help Wellington residents make the right choice.

What should a builders report contain?

A builders report is to guide Wellington residents in their quest to purchasing their dream home and ensuring that they don’t end up making a mistake that they will regret in the future. A builders report will allow Wellington residents to make a judgment call on whether or not to make a purchase and give them leverage for negotiations for a reasonable price. As it is an expert opinion, it can more or less [...]

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Four reasons to get a building inspection done

Moving into a new home can be a great thing- you’re finally living in your own place; there is no longer any need to pay rent; and there is an overall sense of belonging that you’re not going to get while living anywhere else. However, making such a move can also be stressful because of the high stakes involved. What if the house is too small? Or what if the maintenance is really bad and you are stuck with leaking pipes or worse?

The prices being sky high for property in the climbing economy, the stakes have never been higher, which is why citizens can easily avail the option of having a building inspection conducted in Wellington. The benefits of getting a building inspection done far outweigh the costs, as this helps you avoid making a permanent mistake that you will regret.

If you are still unsure whether or not to go through with this procedure, here are four reasons to get a building inspection done in Wellington.

Know what you are getting yourself into

When you buy a house, it is impossible to understand every single aspect of it without conducting a thorough examination for which you neither have the time nor the expertise. Therefore, you might not know of a repair that is required in a particular corner of the house, for which you don’t have a budget. By the time you realize this after purchase, the ship of opportunity to make the seller pay has long sailed, and you are stuck with a huge bill in your hands. Residents in Wellington need simply get a building inspection done to figure this entire thing out on time, so that you’re fully satisfied with your new home [...]

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How to choose a pre purchase inspector

Pre purchase inspection for Wellington Residents is an important step in the whole property purchase process. After all, who wants to end up spending a fortune on their homes only to realize later that it was a mistake? When it comes to property the stakes in monetary terms are very high and it is crucial to know exactly what you are getting yourself into before committing to a particular purchase.

Through pre-purchase inspection, Wellington residents can get a compiled report on the prospective property without any bias. This means that awareness about the shortcomings of the property ensures that residents get a reasonable deal for their property. Getting a pre purchase inspection from professionals in Wellington also gives residents the opportunity to make an informed decision on whether or not to purchase a given property, saving them money and greatly reducing stress.

How to choose a building inspector

Though pre inspection of property in Wellington might give citizens an advantage, this is only possible if the inspectors are selected right. There are some criteria to select the right individual to do this.

The first thing to consider while hiring an inspector is how much experience they have. The more practice they have had inspecting houses; the better they are at it. While choosing an individual for the pre inspection of your property in Wellington, make sure to ask them about their prior jobs and the outcome. Sometimes, getting referrals from old clients might also be a good idea.

The next thing of importance is that the inspectors should in no way be affiliated to the person selling you their property. Sometimes, the sellers themselves will recommend inspectors. It might not be a good idea to hire these individual as [...]

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More Reasons To Use Us

We carry Professional Indemnity Insurance for your piece of mind.

All our building inspections are recorded on site and we arrange the time of the building inspection with all parties.

Reports will be available within 24 hours, via e-mail or a signed copy if requested.

Clients are welcome to attend inspections, with prior knowledge of the vendor/agent.

CheckHome allows you to purchase with confidence and ensures that materials and workmanship are up to standard.

Phone support will be provided to answer your questions concerning the building inspection report.

Our reports include a summary, colour digital photographs, and are user friendly for easy reading and viewing.

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Why CheckHome

Engaging the services of a qualified and totally impartial professional inspector provides you with peace of mind whenever you are buying, building or renovating and helps to protect your largest personal investment – your future home. We will provide you with a comprehensive professional report usually within 24 hours of the inspection.

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The team at CheckHome has had extensive exposure to new builds, specialist renovations and extensions as well as experience working on a range of commercial projects. A registered builder carries out all of the inspections and reports on both the structural and cosmetic issues associated with the property. We have a commitment to professional, unbiased and prompt reporting on all of the building inspections.







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