The Pros and Cons of Buying an Old House

home checkBuying an old house sounds like the perfect dream for some – and it’s no wonder. Old houses have a certain allure and charm that new and modern-style houses just don’t have. The idea of a working fireplace and chimney, elaborate ceiling skirting, and vines running up the outer walls is enough to make some people buy old houses spontaneously, regardless of the consequences.

While old houses do have certain positive qualities that new houses don’t have, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any drawbacks to living in an old house. If you’re in the market for new (or old) home, our building inspection service at CheckHome can give you an objective look at what it may be like to purchase an older property. Here’s a quick list of pros and cons to buying an old home that you’ll want to keep in mind:

Pro: Unique and Rich Architecture

Perhaps the biggest reason why people love old homes is because they appreciate the unique architecture that went into building the structure. In the old days, when building wasn’t automated, craftsmanship flourished – architectural details and intricate woodwork were all done manually. The aesthetic value and history of old homes just can’t be replicated.

Con: Costs of Repairs and Refurbishments

While old houses do look charming, it’s important to remember they were not built with modern building codes in mind. Old homes will also have aged heating systems, inefficient plumbing, or outdated wiring which can all be costly to repair, maintain or replace. Not only will the house systems be outdated, you’ll need to look at fixtures, furniture, appliances, paint, and more, which may all need replacing or refurbishing if they haven’t been kept in perfect condition. People looking to purchase an older home should be prepared to restore it for the long haul.

Pro: Location, location, location

In general, old houses are located in prime locations, so you’ll have access to local shops, schools, and more. The surrounding neighbourhood is also likely to be well-established, that is, families have likely lived in these areas for many generations. Old houses also have much larger back or front yards. New houses, however, are getting built a bit farther away from a town’s central area in newly established suburbs, and are built much closer to each other to save space.

Con: Roots

A nice, big yard can sound appealing, but be careful about the trees that past owners have planted. The grand apple tree may have its roots hampering the plumbing and foundation of the house. Getting rid of roots and getting repairs done can dig a giant hole in your yard as well as in your pocket. Always ask the agent or past owner if any root work has been done.

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